My name is Eiro Nareth. I’m a guitar player, composer and YouTube creator.

From the early childhood I loved painting and making all kinds of things off of wood, plasticine and even lead.
There always had been an old guitar at home, so I messed around with it sometimes. In 2009, when I quit video games, the guitar became really captivating for me, and since then I’ve never given up playing. I’m entirely self-taught.
A year later in 2010, I started a YouTube channel where I posted acoustic covers of my favourite songs. I learned other people’s fingerstyle arrangements first, but later I started to write my own ones.
Also, I composed some tunes with a looper and electric guitar, but I never posted them.

In 2015, when I was studying at university, I deleted that channel and created a new one with a horse head, ancient web camera and a $17 microphone. Just for fun.
In addition, by that time I had a lot of my own fingerstyle arrangements that I wanted to release.
Later, the YouTube channel became one of my main occupations, and I quit the university.
In December 2018, I released my debut single, “Observe”, and in February 2020, my album, “Navigation” came out.
Now, I’m working on my next album.