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Also, right after payment you get 2 emails – one with an invoice and another with a download link.
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The .zip archive can be opened with WinZip (for Windows) and The Unarchiver (for Mac OS).
The Guitar Pro files (.gp5, .gpx and .gp) can be opened with Guitar Pro accordingly.
I recommend using the 7th or at least the 6th version of Guitar Pro.
The PDF file can be opened with any PDF viewer.


Those numbers indicate the left hand fingers:
1 – index
2 – middle
3 – ring
4 – pinky
t – thumb

For example, on the top left picture – press the 12th fret
on the 2nd string with your ring finger and the 6th string with the middle finger,
then the 10th fret on the 2nd string with the index finger etc.



There are 2 most common percussion technics – a kick and a snare. On the
pictures, the red arrows point to the kick designations and the blue ones to the snare designations.
I used to denote kicks as horizontal brackets (the left picture) in my older arrangements,
but now I write separate drum tracks in Guitar Pro for percussion (the right picture)



The “X” denotes a “snare drum note“. In order to play it you need to hit the 6th string with your right thumb.
In the example above there are also another strings which must be played simultaneously with the 6th string hit.
You can wether stroke those strings with the outer side of your middle finger nail or pick them as you would
normally do but with the 6th string hit at the same time. It requires some practise.



In Guitar Pro you can highlight certain voice lines. In my arrangements there are 2 of them – for lead
and for rhythm notes. To make them both visible press command+M or click this button (Guitar Pro 7):


No, there’s no difference – all the notes are the same. Only the guitar tone is different.
I prefer to tune the 12-string guitar one step down, so the tuning in my videos
can be lower than standard. But the tabs are usually in standard.


The Video-Tabs is a format of tutorials where the guitar tabs and the hands are shown on the screen together
so you can clearly see how an every note is played. The song is divided into several parts
which I play slow first and then in normal tempo.
It’s much easier to learn songs with the Video-Tabs other than just by reading tabs alone.

Some screenshots:



No, I don’t. But I’ll probably make some video course someday.

No, I only arrange songs that I like.

You can find my original music as well as acoustic covers on all major streaming platforms like
Spotify, iTunes, Google Play and others. You can also get mp3 files on Amazon.

I don’t play fingerstyle concerts. But I’ll probably play my own stuff with a band someday.

I really appreciate any support you give. I have a page on BuyMeACoffee, or you can
just buy my music (originals or covers) and guitar tabs on this website.